Always Looking for that Great Lunch Spot in Omaha?

We are that spot near you!  At the Keystone Kafe, we want to be your favorite cafe to grab lunch.  A little early for lunch? Well, we just call that brunch and would love to have you, too!  Whether you’re breaking bread with family, friends, and coworkers or having that important lunch meeting in our meeting hall, think of our cafe near you as a great place to fill up on lunch! 

We Offer Signature Sandwiches and Something for Everyone

Our lunch offerings at Keystone Kafe have a loyal following. We are so grateful for our regular cafe customers, and we would love to see new faces enjoying great food, too!

We offer signature sandwiches, salads, and lighter fare options. Searching for a lunch packed with flavor, check out our “South of the Border” menu selections with our famous chimichangas, burritos, and enchiladas. And wait until you try our pimento cheese made in-house, as well as several of our heartwarming, artisan breads for your sandwich. Yummmmm!

Lunch memories wouldn’t be the same without our youngest guests so, of course, we offer a kid’s menu with kid friendly food to make sure they leave happy and full.

Fresh Baked Goodies for that Afternoon Snack

Don’t forget everyone at the office and home!  We offer warm, delicious, melt-in your mouth–Was grandma just here?–Cinnamon Rolls and Pecan rolls to take with you!  Come lunch and then snack-n-tackle that afternoon sweet tooth!