The Perfect Spot For Brunch

There’s something special about Brunch, right?  Brunch is that lovely, more relaxed, less rushed version of breakfast that comes with a side of Ahhhhhh!  Breakfast is great, don’t get us wrong! But have you ever longed for those days where the smell of coffee, chiming of dishes, soft radio sound, and the smile of your waitress felt like home?  Well then welcome to Brunch at Keystone Kafe.  We believe brunch equals leisure and hope you’ll consider allowing our staff to pour you, your family, and friends a cup of coffee with a smile. We hope when you’re planning your next brunch outing that you think of Keystone Kafe as home. 

Brunch Specialties like Sea-Salt Caramel French Toast

Enjoy one of our brunch specialties, Sea-Salt Caramel French Toast that will have your mouth watering. Try our Most Popular brunch specialty Breakfast Tacos.  Thank you to our guests who have made this a “Must Have” in the Omaha cafe, eatery, and restaurant dining experience. We love that You love brunch at Keystone Kafe.

We offer traditional brunch fare, as well, like pancakes, waffles, biscuits, and gravy, but our specialty offerings are what makes Keystone Kafe stand out!  Did we forget anything? Nope! We have the coffee, coffee, coffee always on and ready to pour into that classic, cafe mug.  Enjoy it with a smile and a side of Ahhhhhh!

Fresh Baked Bakery Items

Skipped breakfast and brunch is also your lunch? Or maybe you just have a sweet tooth? Add one of our warm, delicious, melt-in your mouth–Was grandma just here?—Cinnamon Rolls and Pecan Rolls. Even order To Go!  You might just be transported into grandma’s kitchen where grandpa would dip a bit in his coffee before taking that first mouth-watering bite! 

Our Meeting Space is Perfect for Brunch or Breakfast Meetings or Gatherings

Keystone Kafe also offers meeting space, fantastic cafe fare, and service for your important business breakfast, brunch, or lunch.  We have a devoted wait staff and we are ready to assist you in planning your meeting space in the Omaha community.  Need accommodations for a larger family gathering? Our family is yours so, please, give us a call to reserve your space for that special “ladies-tea,” “bridal shower,” “baby-shower,” and the list goes on………breakfast, brunch, or lunch gatherings deserve a Keystone Kafe experience.